"You can't lose sight of who these people are." Frank Gaad
The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears is the eighth episode of Season Four of The Americans on FX, and the forty-seventh episode overall.


The Jennings' approach their breaking points as both Philip and Elizabeth must handle loyal agents. Will they make it through with their patriotism – and sanity – intact?


In the dark early morning hours, Martha, Philip and Gabriel wordlessly get up, get dressed, eat, pack, and drive to a secluded field where a small airplane awaits. Martha tells "Clark" to not be alone which he returns. She makes light of learning Russian, sighs and then resigns herself to her new life. She kisses Philip and boards the plane. Exchanging a last look, Philip is genuinely sad as he watches Martha fly away. Philip returns home and tells Henry and Paige that they've lost a big client and he'll be home a lot more. At the FBI, the task force to find Martha is exhausted and Agent Brooks reports another failure. Agent Loeb shows Stan fingerprints from Martha's that are presumably "Clark's" which aren't in any database. Stan and Agent Aderholt talk about how well Martha deceived them and the help she must have had.

S04E08-Martha on plane
Martha's last look at Clark.
Philip reads an EST book on the couch and Elizabeth asks him how it went with Martha. Not being able to relate, Elizabeth calls Young-Hee and they see several movies together. Philip visits the cemetery where Gene is buried. That night, Stan comes over to the Jennings asking if he can borrow beer as he's running low. Revealing that his lawyer is sending divorce papers, he also says there's a disaster at work. Philip encourages Stan until Elizabeth comes home and he leaves. He tells Elizabeth what Stan said and that the FBI was onto Martha. He admits he'd been worried he exfiltrated her for nothing. Elizabeth tries to reassure Philip and her description of Martha irks Philip who says she was complicated and people underestimated her.

David Copperfield Episode 10
Philip's guilt deepens.
Philip meets Gabriel at a bar and hands him a tape from the briefcase of Kimmy's father, Isaac. (♫ Lloyd Conger - I Like Your Kind of Love ♫) Gabriel informs him Mischa finished his tour in Afghanistan and is home safe. Philip says he wants someone to contact Martha's parents soon which Gabriel wants to put off six months and have The Center make the call. Perturbed, Philip wants the call sooner and arrange for Martha's parents to see her again, although not in Russia. Gabriel tells Philip that won't be possible and warns him to not try and arrange it on his own.

David Copperfield Episode 12
Things can be arranged Gabriel.
Elizabeth goes to EST where the instructor, Lawrence, says everyone is trapped in a prison of their own making. He claims everyone loves their prison, and if suddenly freed, wouldn't know what to do with themselves. At the Rezidentura, Oleg tells Tatiana that Martha arrived in Cuba. Seeing Tatiana isn't very happy, Oleg inquires and she admits her brother is being sent to fight in the Afghan War. Oleg reaches out for her hand. Arriving home, Elizabeth tells Philip she went to EST. Surprised, he asks why and she says she can see why he likes it, and that they get you to talk about hard things. However, Philip gets defensive when Elizabeth says that EST manipulates people to sign up for more seminars to make more money.

David Copperfield Episode 13
Elizabeth at EST.
Philip says he gets a lot out of EST, but Elizabeth questions whether he actually does as he's unable to sleep or eat. Philip says it's because of Martha which Elizabeth says he's taking too hard. Elizabeth calls Martha an agent which causes Philip to point out that Elizabeth is dehumanizing her. Countering that Martha is alive she reminds Philip that she let one of her own agents, Gregory be mowed down by the police. Philip screams at Elizabeth for still thinking of Gregory and says "I'm sorry the man you loved died and you’re stuck with me!" Elizabeth that she took him back after he lied about sleeping with Irina. The phone rings and the Jennings go to Gabriel's.

S04E08-Phil Liz argue
EST does work.
Gabriel informs them that Martha arrived in Cuba and will be in Prague the next day. Elizabeth says she received an emergency signal from Lisa but doesn't know why. Noting the tension between them and Gabriel asks what's going on. Philip confesses to going to EST and when Gabriel asks why, Elizabeth critisizes Philip for not seeking help from them. At home, Paige skips Bible Study and Elizabeth yells at her, telling her she has to go every week, in order to stay close to Pastor Tim. Saying Paige can't afford to be precious with her moods, Elizabeth shouts at her that her relationship with Pastor Tim is all that stands between their family being destroyed. At the FBI, stands sees Agent Gaad being called up to the Director's office which Gaad believes is for his dismissal.

David Copperfield Episode 14
From now on, you are going to.
An exasperated Gabriel meets with Claudia and calls the Jennings children for arguing and worrying about losing Martha. He tells her a horrific story from pre-WW2 in which he was required to arrest a close friend. Claudia isn't sympathetic and tells Gabriel that there's no one to blame and no one is going to help him. Elizabeth, disguised as Michelle, meets with Lisa, who's back drinking. Lisa says Maurice took their money and ran off to Florida with another woman. Elizabeth tries to convince her to go to a meeting, but Lisa is intent on making things right by confessing her actions taking pictures of a stealth bomber to the police. When Elizabeth is unable to convince her not to, she kills Lisa by hitting her over the head with a broken bottle and then killing her with one of the shards.

David Copperfield Episode Gabriel Claudia
I'm losing my influence with them.
As Philip waits at Gabriel's, Elizabeth arrives, shaken up and says that Lisa is done. Philip sees her neck has a bloody gash. He helps her put her cigarette out, then tends to her wound carefully. Observing their behavior, Gabriel looks at them with deep concern. He sits beside them, says things have to change. There will be no new operations, just maintenance of the Breland bug and Young-Hee. Afterwards in their car, Philip tells Elizabeth that they're going to be travel agents now. She replies that they should take the kids to EPCOT. The Jennings then go home and watch David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear on live TV.

David Copperfield Episode 16
How did he do that?
Seven months later, in November 1983, a resigned Paige plays mini-golf with Pastor Tim and a very pregnant Alice. (♫ Roxy Music - End of the Line ♫) Philip and Elizabeth play hockey in the driveway with Henry, but abandon him the minute Paige shows up, to get an update on Pastor Tim. Stan visits the home of Frank Gaad, who's now retired from the FBI and planning a trip to Thailand with his wife. Gaad tells Stan if he's hesitating trying to turn Oleg because his conscience is bothering him, he needs to remember what the KGB is capable of and who they are.

David Copperfield Episode 20
You feel bad about Nina.


  • The Mail Robot can be heard (but isn't seen) as Gaad waits at the elevator, heading to the director's office to be fired.
  • Elizabeth and Young-Hee watch the movies Tender Mercies and The Outsiders.
  • The episode takes its name from illusionist David Copperfield's televised special where he made the Statue of Liberty "disappear," broadcast on April 8, 1983. However, it may also be a reference to the difficulty involved in making something huge, "Clark's" relationship with Martha, also disappear. Other things that disappear in this episode include Stan's beer (consumed by Matthew and the Jennings kids in the previous episode), Maurice (to Florida), and Lisa (killed by Elizabeth).
  • Margo Martindale won the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series award at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards for her role in this episode.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Martha.


Song Title Performer(s)
I Like Your Kind of Love Lloyd Conger
End of the Line Roxy Music


The Americans 4x08 Promo "The Magic of David Copperfield V The Statue of Liberty Disappears" (HD)

The Americans 4x08 Promo "The Magic of David Copperfield V The Statue of Liberty Disappears" (HD)

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