The Rat is the sixth episode of Season Four of The Americans on FX, and the forty-fifth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Martha must finally face the truth she has denied – and her life may never be the same. Plus, a chilling new development in William’s work forces the Jennings to face the realities of what a biological war would mean.

Plot Edit

Phillip meets with William and asks for another Glanders sample. William says that won’t be possible, but he can get Tularemia. Phillip tells William he’s been running an agent for a few years, and thinks she’s in danger. He shares his frustration that he'd like to get her out, but The Center doesn’t want to. “It eats you up, what we do,” muses William.

Clark picks Martha up in a car as she walks home, and says he thinks the FBI knows about her. He brings her to a safe house; Gabriel soon arrives, unhappy that Phillip is attempting to force exfiltration prematurely. Phillip remains insistent and to add further pressure, tells Gabriel Martha has seen his true appearance. They fight and Phillip storms into another room, removing his Clark disguise.

Elizabeth arrives, disguised as Jennifer, having brought Martha a change of clothes and a toothbrush. Martha is shocked to find Jennifer is also “part of all this.” Elizabeth is in for a shock of her own when she enters the kitchen and finds Phillip undisguised. “She’s already seen me,” he admits. “Did you want her to?” Elizabeth perceives. “To see you?” She is visibly upset, but able to maintain her composure, even when Phillip says he plans to stay the night. Elizabeth returns home to Paige and Henry.

Martha asks Clark why Jennifer only brought her one change of clothes, and wonders “Where will we go?” She then states Jennifer is not his sister and asks if he's “involved” with her. Phillip simply replies: “We’ve worked together for a long time.” “For who?” she asks. And Phillip says “The KGB.” Martha begins to cry, but eventually tells him it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re together.

The next morning when Martha calls in sick to work, Stan and Aderholt call her home. When they get her machine, they break into her apartment. They then approach the landlord at Clark’s place, and ask to see his apartment, and the lease. Aderholt and Stan then approach Agent Gaad and share their suspicions and surveillance activities. At the Rezidentura, Arkady tells Tatiana and Oleg to start working on logistics for exfiltrating an American to Moscow.

Back at the safe house, Gabriel arrives, saying he’s had an emergency signal from William. Phillip argues about leaving, but ultimately agrees, entering the bedroom to tell Martha. He finds her asleep and doesn’t want to wake her, although he digs through her purse, finding her Valium and removing the handgun. With Elizabeth and Hans serving as lookouts, William passes a dead rat in a jar to Phillip, explaining the Soviets will be able to extract Tularemia from a tissue sample. When William asks what Phillip did about his agent, Phillip tells him he brought her in. “Good for you,” replies William. “When Eliza, my wife, was sent back, I stayed quiet. I didn’t think I could take them on. I wanted to, but I didn’t."

When Martha wakes and finds Clark gone, she panics and runs out of the house, screaming in the street that if Gabriel comes near her, she’ll let everybody know he’s KGB. Gabriel lets her walk away.


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Winter Kills (Live) Yaz


The Americans 4x06 Promo "The Rat" (HD)

The Americans 4x06 Promo "The Rat" (HD)

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