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"I'm making you stay. And it just keeps getting worse for you. I don't want to see you like this anymore." ― Elizabeth to Philip

The Soviet Division is the season finale of Season Five of The Americans on FX, and the sixty-fifth episode overall.


The riveting season finale finds Philip and Elizabeth racing against the clock as a life hangs in the balance, while Stan faces an uncertain future.


"Brad", "Dee" and Tuan Eckert approach the Morozov's house and ring the doorbell but there's no response. Just then, Alexei and Evgheniya arrive home. They invite the Eckerts in and Tuan goes upstairs to find Pasha unconscious and bloody from his suicide attempt. "Brad" rushes to his aid and "Dee" calls 911. Alexei goes outside to get assistance from Thomas, the CIA agent assigned to watch their house. The paramedics arrive and take Pascha and Evgheniya away. Thomas gives "Brad" a long look. Heading back inside to Pasha's room, Alexei finds a suicide note in which Pasha says he loves them but can't live in the US. At home the next morning, Philip discovers Renee is moving in with Stan, supposedly due to a broken water pipe in her apartment.

Soviet Division Episode Pasha suicide.jpg
Anything we can do.
Having met with Alexei, Philip tells Elizabeth that that Evgheniya is taking Pasha back to Russia, but Alexei is too scared to go home. Philip wonders what Pasha's death would have done to Tuan. Following up on his offer to work for the FBI, Gennadi Bystrov takes a lie detector test and passes, much to Stan and Agent Aderholt's surprise. The Jennings meet with Claudia, reporting on the Morozovs. Elizabeth and Philip are both unhappy how the mission unfolded. Philip points out that they nearly killed Pasha, that Evgheniya is going back to Russia where she'll be blackmailed, and they've torn the Morozov family apart. He asks that The Center make an effort to convince Alexei to return so they can be together but Claudia isn't supportive. The Jennings indicate they are closer to making a decision to return to Russia.

Soviet Division Episode Gennaldi lie detector.jpg
No sign of any deception.
Driving home, the Jennings discuss how they'll get the kids back to Russia and think they can tell Paige ahead of time. Elizabeth looks forward to not being a spy and Philip makes a decision that they're going back. At home, Paige watches a news report and looks at Henry working on his computer. In Moscow, Martha walks with her language instructor Volodya. He takes her to a park where children from an orphanage are playing. Martha meets a young girl named Olya, whom she interacts with. Volodya says that he spoke to Gabriel, who wants Martha to be happy. Martha looks at Olya with a smile and tears in her eyes. With Tuan, "Brad" and "Dee" visit the Morozovs. Tuan apologizes to Pasha for giving him the suicide attempt idea but isn't sincere. Evgheniya blames herself for the attempt and "Brad" can't convince Alexei to return to Russia with his family. Alexei believes he'll suffer his father's fate, to die in prison, if he returns.

Martha won't be alone.
Philip and Elizabeth tell Tuan they will be sending their report soon, and if Tuan would like, they can recommend he’d be better suited for a different line of work, back in his homeland. Tuan is aghast and wonders why they’d do that. Philip says it's a chance for him to have a different life, but Tuan doesn't want that. He says he sent his report in which he critisized the Jennings for not being present enough during the mission, and almost sabotaging its success by attempting to save Pasha. Philip, disgusted with Tuan's arrogance, especially given his mistake and his lack of experience, starts to get angry. Elizabeth intervenes, and Philip leaves. Elizabeth points out their experience, running multiple operations while he ran one and that his comments won't impact them. She also says he's going to fail as a spy if he continued to work alone.

Soviet Division Episode Tuan.jpg
You're not going to make it.
Henry gets an acceptance letter from St. Edward's, but his joy is dashed when Philip curtly tells him he's not going, without offering an explanation. Paige works at the food pantry with Pastor Tim and says goodbye to him and Alice. Philip plays racquetball with Stan until Renee arrives and takes Philip's place. (♫ Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road ♫) Elizabeth looks at all her shoes, clothing, and kitchen amenities. Paige walks through the bad neighborhood the food pantry is in and entering the parking lot where Elizabeth killed a homeless man in front of her, she gets in her car and drives home.

Soviet Division Episode Phillip Henry.jpg
This isn't gonna work out.
"James" goes to the Breland’s and smokes pot with Kimmy and her friends. (♫ R.E.M. - So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) ♫) She gets upset when he tells her he's moving to Japan. Later at home, Philip listens to the tape he retrieved from her father's briefcase and learns that Breland is being promoted to the CIA Head of the Soviet Division. Elizabeth and Paige continue their self-defense lessons, and Elizabeth accidentally hurts Paige, giving her a fat lip. Philip drives to the waterfront and considers tossing the tape into a river.

You have magic hands.
While cooking dinner together, Stan tells Renee that he's considering leaving the counter-intelligence (CI) department. Thinking of what happened to Nina, he tells Renee in general terms that the people he's working with don't know they could be in danger. Renee compliments his caring nature and strength and points out that if he doesn't stay in CI, there'll be no one there to stand up for what's right. Philip comes home and sees Paige's fat lip. He apologizes that his and Elizabeth’s job have made her life difficult and that she was denied a normal life with a dog or a boyfriend who lives across the street.

Soviet Division Episode Paige.jpg
My self-defense teacher got carried away.
Philip and Elizabeth take a walk where he confesses he was going to get rid of the latest Breland tape. He tells her about Breland's promotion, and wonders if maybe they can get someone else to change out the tapes. Concerned that they are both struggling with their jobs, he says they are allowed to have a life. Elizabeth thinks hard but says she can't quit and that getting access to the high-level intelligence they'll get from Breland is why they came to America. Philip understand but, she suggests Philip should stop and just run the travel agency. When he protests that she needs him, Elizabeth says she can do the spy work on her own. Making him stay and seeing how every mission takes a greater toll on Philip, she says she doesn't want it to happen to him anymore. Philip nods his head in agreement.

Soviet Division Episode Elizabeth Phillip.jpg
This is why we came here.


  • Alla Borisovna Pugacheva (Russian: Алла Борисовна Пугачёва, born 15 April 1949), seen in a poster on Pasha's bedroom wall, is а Soviet and Russian musical performer. She enjoys an iconic status across the former Soviet Union as the most successful Soviet performer in terms of record sales and popularity.
  • The hockey player seen in the poster above Pasha's bed is Viacheslav Fetisov.
  • Paige listens to the "We begin bombing in five minutes" news story which occurred on August 11, 1984.
  • Elizabeth is shown in bed reading Space, a novel by James A. Michener published in 1982. It is a fictionalized history of the United States space program, with a particular emphasis on manned spaceflight. Michener writes in a semi-documentary style, exploring the rise of the military-industrial complex and the evolution of NACA into NASA.
  • "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" is a ballad performed by musician Elton John. Lyrics for the song were written by Bernie Taupin, with the music composed by John.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Elizabeth.


Song Title Performer(s)
She Has Won The Jetzons
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John
So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) R.E.M.


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