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"I was putting our country first. Which is what you would have done." ― Philip to Elizabeth

The Summit is the eighth episode of the final season of The Americans on FX, and the seventy-third episode overall.


With the arms control summit under way, a shocking revelation from Philip throws Elizabeth, and her work, into turmoil. Stan follows a dangerous hunch. 


When Elizabeth arrives home from visiting Paige, Philip tells a furious Elizabeth that he has been reporting on her activities as requested by someone from "back home" (Oleg), who claims that she has been working for a cabal that is trying to overthrow Mikhail Gorbachev and the Soviet government. Elizabeth becomes especially angry when Philip tells her that she needs to think about what she is doing. Disguised as management recruiter "Wendy", Elizabeth and Hank pretend to have a meeting in a restaurant as Jackson Barber arrives. She tricks him into drawing up a detailed report on what Senator Sam Nunn has been doing during the arms summit.

The Summit episode Elizabeth incredulous.jpg
Go to hell, Philip.
At the FBI, after Agent Loeb gives an update on surveilling garages the Illegals could be using, Agent Ganzel reports that a Russian Orthodox priest, Father Viktor, may be a spy. Agent Aderholt says to bring him in. Gorbachev's arrival in the USA is watched on TV by Paige, Elizabeth and Claudia. In private, Elizabeth tells Claudia that Fyodor Nesterenko has a solo meeting set up with the US negotiators and she'll be bugging Glenn's briefcase as he'll be at the meeting. After Glenn's attempt to kill a suffering Erica by overdose fails, "Stephanie" kills her by choking her with a broken paint brush.

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You didn't ever meet him, did you?
While Glenn says goodbye to Erica, Elizabeth takes pictures of documents in his briefcase. Looking at sketches of the various disguises used by the Jennings, Agent Brooks asks if the ones from 1981 were shown to Alejandro. Glenn tells "Stephanie" that he left the negotiating team over Erica's illness and offers her one of Erica's paintings. She takes one and after much hesitation in a garage, she burns it. To tape Nesterenko's meeting without Glenn there, "Wendy" seduces Jackson and has him unwittingly plant a box of documents containing a recording device in the meeting room the summit negotiators will be using.

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Does she see her mother?
Renee gets a job interview at the FBI, Stan says they will want to know if she is a loyal American and can keep secrets. At Dupont Circle Travel, Philip tries to call Henry but can't get a hold of him. Stan takes a picture of Elizabeth to Curtis, one of Gregory's people, who doesn't recognize her but remembers that the woman Gregory was with smoked constantly. (♫ Interior Castle - Diamonds and Emeralds ♫) Stan remembers seeing a flowerpot full of cigarettes in the Jennings' back yard. Philip goes to Stavos' apartment to apologize for firing him. Stavos says that he always suspected something irregular was going on with the travel agency, but he never called the police out of loyalty.

The truth is, we're in trouble.
When "Wendy" has Jackson bring the planted box to her car, he challenges her story and reveals that he found the bug. Elizabeth intimidates him and terrified, he leaves the box and Elizabeth doesn't kill him. Philip buys himself an expensive suit. On the tape, Elizabeth hears Nesterenko discuss Gorbachev's vision of a nuclear-free world, without saying anything against the interests of the USSR or offering "Dead Hand." Telling Claudia that Nesterenko isn't a traitor, she still orders Elizabeth to kill him. In a disguise, Philip goes to a video store and rents a Russian movie to learn more about what life in the USSR is like in the 1980's.

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I want to go.
In disguise, Elizabeth approaches Nesterenko but breaks off and doesn't kill him. Meeting Claudia, Elizabeth demands an explanation, who admits to being part of The Center's plot to overthrow Gorbachev. She indicates they intended to falsify Elizabeth's reports on Nesterenko so that Gorbachev would be overthrown and not be able to return home. Pointing out that the KGB isn't above the party, Elizabeth refuses to continue to be part of the plot. Claudia warns her to keep quiet. Stan watches out his bedroom window as Elizabeth returns home. Elizabeth tells Philip to contact Oleg and report the anti-Gorbachev plot. She leaves to watch over Nesterenko says Philip will need to handle a meeting she had planned with Father Andrei the next day.

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I won't do it.


  • Philip watches the 1980 movie Гараж (The Garage).
  • At the video store the movie Bringing Up Baby (with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant) can be heard in the background.
  • Henry does not appear in this episode.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Stan.


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Diamonds and Emeralds Interior Castle


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