The Walk In is the third episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the sixteenth episode overall.

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Phillip and Elizabeth infiltrate a submarine parts factory, photographing propeller plans. In disguise, Elizabeth visits Jared Connors, intent on delivering a letter from his now-deceased mother. Paige skips school to track down Elizabeth's Aunt Helen. Stan investigates Dameran's work history with the World Bank.

Plot Edit

In 1966, new mom Leanne Connors and fellow KGB illegal Elizabeth are on a mission together in Silver Spring, Maryland. Leanne asks if the Jennings have started trying to have children. Elizabeth is evasive, saying kids aren't something she's "always wanted." Leanne tells Elizabeth she and Emmett have written a letter to their son, explaining who they are and where they come from. Elizabeth promises that if anything ever happens to the Connors, she will get the letter to Jared.

Sometime in 1967, Elizabeth tells Phillip "I'm ready." He looks confused, but she begins to undress. Because she uses similar phrasing to that on their first night together ("I'm not ready"), it is implied that Elizabeth and Phillip have not yet slept together. When Phillip realizes her intentions, he is cautiously optimistic. However, when Elizabeth then tells him "you'll make a good father," he sighs, disappointed she is having sex with him for procreation only.

Stan comes home after a night of staking out Bruce Dameran (watching him do laundry), and meets Sandra as she's about to leave for a Werner Erhard course.

Paige skips school and goes to Pennsylvania, to find out if Aunt Helen really exists. On the bus there she meets Kelli, a girl whose parents are divorced. Kelli gives Paige her phone number and tells her she's welcome to call, if she ever wants to talk. Paige gets to Helen's house and finds an old lady, who is suffering from dementia. The woman thinks Paige is her daughter, "Shelly." She has a framed picture of Elizabeth holding an infant on her wall.

Posing as moving coordinators, Phillip and Elizabeth go to the shipyards in Newport News to get the submarine propeller specs. Elizabeth meets one of the Calson Marine workers (Derek), and as she continues to press for information, he realizes something is wrong. In an effort to humanize himself to her, he shows her pictures of his three sons. After the Jennings get what they want, Elizabeth keeps Derek's photo of his youngest son, as collateral for his silence.

Stan visits Gary Lia at the World Bank to learn more about Bruce Dameran. He finds that Dameran didn't show up to work, and that there's a big event that evening at the Marquis Hotel, with World Bank executives arriving from around the globe. Stan then realizes Dameran was actually staking out the Marquis Hotel while he was doing laundry, and notifies emergency personnel. Stan finds Dameran with a sniper rifle on a roof facing the hotel. When he refuses to put it down, Stan shoots him. For this success, he receives a commendation and will later get a medal. This pleases Arkady, who had planned to make Stan indebted to Nina. Stan tells Nina he loves her. Oleg invites Nina to a hockey game, but she turns him down.

After Paige leaves, Helen calls Phillip and tells him about the visit. Phillip waits for Paige to get home and then berates her for sneaking around and lying. Phillip says his own father died when he was six years old and asks Paige if she has any idea what that's like. The reality of raising culturally foreign children in such drastically different circumstances than those he grew up in, combined with his fear that Paige left home while whoever killed the Connors is presumably looking for the Jennings, causes Phillip to angrily press her again: "Tell me you understand." Upset, Paige runs upstairs, calls Kelli and leaves the house yet again without getting permission, in order to meet her. Phillip doesn't hear Paige leave because he's in the darkroom developing the propeller pictures he took earlier at Calson Marine.

Elizabeth goes to the Connors's home to retrieve the letter written by Emmett and Leanne. Disguised as a social worker, she then visits Jared, who is staying with neighbors. Jared tells her that he blames himself for the murders, because he had gone to the swimming pool against his mother's wishes. Elizabeth tries to comfort him. After noting his fragile emotional state, Elizabeth realizes she can't add to his pain by giving him the letter, and instead burns it.

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  • "Here, There and Everywhere" is a song written by Paul McCartney released on the Beatles' 1966 album Revolver. McCartney includes it among his personal favourites of all the songs he has written. Revolver was the Beatles’ seventh studio album. Released on 5 August 1966, it was their final recording project before retirement as live performers. The Beatles recorded the album at the start of 1966. The songs reflect the influence of psychedelic drugs such as LSD and the lyrics address themes including death and transcendence from material concerns.


Song Title Performer(s)
Here Comes the Flood Peter Gabriel


The Americans 2x03 Promo 'The Walk In' HD

The Americans 2x03 Promo 'The Walk In' HD

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