Travel Agents is the seventh episode of Season Four of The Americans on FX, and the forty-sixth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

The KGB andthe FBI both race to track down a vital agent… everything is at stake.

Plot Edit

The Jennings arrive at the safe house to find Martha gone. They place William's rat in the freezer and decide Elizabeth and Hans will look for Martha while Phillip waits by the phone at Joan’s call center. Gabriel warns them: “If she’s in public and starts screaming again…” Phillip nods in understanding.

At the Rezidentura, Oleg and Tatiana plan Martha’s exfiltration: a small plane to Key West, a boat to Cuba, a plane to Prague, and then on to Moscow. Tatiana is able to obtain a pilot through her contacts with Department 12, combining the exfiltration with moving the Tularemia-infested rat out of the US.

At the FBI, it’s discovered that Clark Westerfeld’s name and date of birth matches that of a 7-year-old boy who died in a car accident 30 years ago. This prompts Gaad to accept Martha was likely an agent, and he sends a forensics team to her apartment. Gaad believes that between the bug in his office, Gene, and now Martha, his FBI career is likely over.

Martha attempts to walk home, but after spotting Federal agents near her building, she instead flees to a park, calling her parents from a pay phone. At the FBI, the Deputy Attorney General orders Stan to get in touch with Oleg, play him the tape, and see if the KGB has Martha. Stan protests that Oleg isn’t the kind of person who responds to blackmail, and doing that would only wreck the operation. The FBI listens in on Martha’s call; she tells her parents she’s in trouble and loves them very much, before hanging up abruptly. Stan and Gaad surmise the KGB would never let her make that call, so they must not have her. They trace the pay phone to Woodley Park, and send several teams to look for her. Martha stands on the bridge overlooking the falls and appears to seriously consider jumping.

At the call center, Phillip talks with Joan, who gives him a meal of borscht. Joan asks about George, her predecessor, saying when she was getting ready to come over, her arrival was suddenly accelerated, and now she wonders if something bad happened to him. Joan’s questions are interrupted when Martha calls from another pay phone. Phillip asks where she is, saying he will come get her, but Martha hesitates: “You’ll just tell me some version of the truth that’s not very true.” She eventually says she’s at Rock Creek Park.

When Elizabeth phones in, Joan tells her where Martha is and Elizabeth realizes she’s very close. Still in her Jennifer disguise, Elizabeth reaches Martha first, and briefly considers killing her before she approaches, trying to reassure Martha that Clark’s on his way. Martha becomes hysterical and demands to know: “Are you sleeping with my husband?” She begins to yell that she’s not going anywhere with Elizabeth, who ultimately subdues her with a hard punch under her rib cage. As Martha struggles to breathe, Elizabeth holds her and tells her: “There is nowhere to go. They know who you are. They’re coming for you, and they will find you. They’ll arrest Clark. His life will be over. Do what I say, and you’ll live.” She then helps Martha back to the safe house.

Henry hangs out with Matthew Beeman, who drinks beer, claiming his dad either doesn’t mind or doesn’t notice. When Henry asks for some, Matthew gives him a small amount in a cup. Paige soon arrives and joins them; Matthew gives her an entire beer, over Henry’s protests.

Stan brings Gaad an extremely glamorous – and nearly unrecognizable – sketch of Martha, based on her landlord’s description. “Why’d they draw her?” Gaad wonders. “Mix up,” Stan tells him, before showing him the sketch of Martha’s boyfriend. “Not boyfriend,” says Gaad, handing Stan a marriage license. “They married her,” he says, in disbelief. “Martha is married to a KGB officer. Blood tests and everything, witnesses. They seduced and married my secretary. I’m in charge of FBI counterintelligence, and my secretary married a KGB officer.”

When Phillip arrives at the safe house, Martha asks what his name is. When he replies “Phillip,” she asks for the one he was born with. “Mikhail,” he says. “But everyone called me Mischa.” He goes to get ice and Elizabeth warns: “If she runs again …” Phillip says “I know.” Elizabeth advises Phillip to tell Martha he’ll join her, that they’ll have a life together, figuring she needs that hope to get on the plane. Elizabeth asks Phillip if he could go back to Russia with Martha, and get out of their lifestyle, would he? “Are you crazy?” Phillip asks. “Martha and I – it’s not like that. Not like that at all.” Elizabeth tries to leave but Phillip stops her: “I love you,” he says, emphatically. “I’ll be home in a few hours.” Elizabeth tells him he needs to stay; they embrace and kiss passionately before Elizabeth walks out the door.

Phillip tells Martha that early in the morning, she will leave for Russia, to begin a new life. When Martha asks “How soon before you come?” Phillip admits: “I won’t. I can’t.” He tells her they’ll get a message to her parents. Martha realizes: “I’ll be alone, just the way it was before I met you.”


The Americans 4x07 Promo "Travel Agents" (HD)

The Americans 4x07 Promo "Travel Agents" (HD)

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