Trust Me is the sixth episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the sixth episode overall.


A mole hunt within the KGB causes suspicion amongst allies and shatters trust within the Jennings’ marriage. Meanwhile, Stan’s plan to keep his mole safe puts her at even greater risk of discovery.

Plot Edit

Phillip and Elizabeth are separately abducted, and Phillip is beaten severely and tortured. Both are questioned about being KGB spies in America. Neither admit to it, even when evidence is presented otherwise. Their captors are revealed to be KGB agents trying to ferret out the mole, as the Jennings were the ones who obtained the encryptions that were immediately changed by the FBI.

Meanwhile, Paige and Henry are stranded at the mall when Elizabeth doesn't arrive to pick them up. Over Henry's protests, Paige decides to hitchhike, and the kids accept a ride from a young man named Nick. Instead of taking them directly home, he makes a detour to "feed the ducks," giving a beer to Paige, which she tastes but doesn't like. His conversation grows ever stranger, and Henry notices he has a knife. Henry smashes a beer bottle over Nick's head, which allows the kids to escape. They walk a substantial distance home, arriving after dark to an empty house. Henry expresses regret for attacking Nick, wondering if he harmed an innocent person and asking "What if he wasn't going to do anything bad to us?" Paige reassures him that his actions were necessary, because Nick was "a creep."

The Jennings manage to turn the tables on their captors; Elizabeth mercilessly beats Claudia to send a message to whomever authorized their abduction. Phillip seethes at Elizabeth when, after comparing abduction experiences, he realizes that he, and not she, was the one actually under suspicion. He accuses Elizabeth of telling the KGB he considered defecting. She denies this but admits she earlier told their handlers that he "liked the U.S. too much."

Meanwhile, with Stan's help, Nina cleverly frames Vasili, leading to his removal in handcuffs from the Rezidentura. When Gaad calls Stan at home to let him know Vasili is gone and implies Nina is safe, Stan's relief causes him to open up some to Sandra about how he feels about his work. She is receptive, and they fall asleep in each other's arms.

The Jennings return home to their kids, giving the excuse that they got into a car accident. After the kids go to bed, Phillip approaches Elizabeth, who is putting on boots preparing to go somewhere. Phillip says he is leaving to visit Martha, having missed a date with her because he was abducted. He then says he wants to bring her some jewelry to atone for standing her up, and asks Elizabeth if she has anything. She retrieves a heart-shaped necklace from her jewelry box. Although its specific significance is not explained to the audience, it is clear that by giving it to Phillip to give to Martha, Elizabeth is intentionally making a negative statement about their own relationship.

Elizabeth is shown meeting with Gregory, and asking him to put a watch on her children, and also Phillip. Gregory clearly wants more from her, but she leaves abruptly. Later, Elizabeth tells a still-angry Phillip: "you aren't the only one who got hurt today." She says "I was ripped from my house. I was attacked by the people I believed in, the people I trusted most my whole life." Phillip considers this before replying "Yeah, I think that says it all," and leaves to sleep on the couch.

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The Americans 1x06 Promo Trust Me (HD)

The Americans 1x06 Promo Trust Me (HD)

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