"I'm gonna kill you, you stupid bitch!" ― Elizabeth to Claudia
Trust Me is the sixth episode of Season One of The Americans on FX, and the sixth episode overall.


A mole hunt within the KGB causes suspicion amongst allies and shatters trust within the Jennings’ marriage. Meanwhile, Stan’s plan to keep his mole safe puts her at even greater risk of discovery.


At home on a Sunday, Philip and Elizabeth discuss the mole in their organization. Elizabeth drives Paige and Henry to the mall and then returns home. In order to get information on the mole, "Clark" calls Martha from a pay phone and makes plans to visit her apartment. Hanging up, he's kidnapped and thrust into a van. In a warehouse, an apparent US intelligence agent, (Cal), calmly listens to a frightened "Clark" demand to know what he wants. Cal doesn't fall for the act, gives details on Philip Jennings, pulls off his wig and calls him a commie prick.

S01E06-Clark kidnapped
Clark isn't going to make his date.
At the Rezidentura, Nina sleeps with Vasili and is alarmed when he tells her there's a mole in their organization. Stan arrives at FBI HQ where Agent Gaad shows him that Adam Dorwin was killed at the same time Stan and Chris were surveiling Vasili. At home, Elizabeth is kidnapped after a struggle with two men. As a result, Paige and Henry are stranded at the mall and over Henry's protests, Paige decides to hitchhike. A terrified Nina meets with Stan and demands exfiltration.

S01E06-Nina Stan in car
You have to trust me Nina.
Philip is beaten by Cal with a phone book but denies he's a spy until Cal plays a tape of him with Martha. He then threatens to send Paige and Henry to Russia or make them wards of the US government. Elizabeth is brought in the warehouse in front of Philip. The kids accept a ride from a young man named Nick but Henry is very wary. Elizabeth is thrown into a room that is covered with pictures of her family. Stan tells Gaad about Nina and asks for diamonds recovered from a raid. Nick tells Paige and Henry that he wants to stop to feed the ducks at a pond. Philip is tortured by drowning.

S01E06-Liz in photo room
Psychological torture.
At the pond, Nick gets beer from his car and gives Henry bread to feed the ducks. Giving Paige a beer, he starts making creepy remarks. Nick won't let them leave and seeing he has a knife in his belt, Henry smashes Nick over the head with a beer bottle and the kids run. Nina meets Stan at an art museum where he gives her a spy camera and asks her to take pictures of any classified documents. Aghast, that this will get her killed, Stan gains her confidence by relating that he was once in her position. He tells her that she doesn't need to get the camera out of the embassy.

S01E06-Nick gives Paige beer
Try it.
Elizabeth is brought back before Philip where he tells Cal that they'll both die before giving any information. As Elizabeth is about to be tortured, a voice calls out "that's enough!" to reveal Claudia. She apologizes and explains they needed to know for sure neither of them was the mole. Furious, once released, Philip takes Cal's pistol and Elizabeth drowns and punches Claudia many times in the face. Outside the warehouse, when Philip learns Elizabeth wasn't physically tortured, he pressures her into revealing that she told the KGB that he liked it in the USA too much. This second betrayal is too much for Philip.

S01E06-Claudia beaten
Tell them your face is a present from me!
The kids arrive home where Paige gets Henry to agree to keep what happened with Nick secret. Paige offers to help Henry when he reveals he peed his pants. At the embassy, Nina takes photos of documents but is nearly caught by Vlad when she returns the documents. Driving home, the Jennings crash into a tree to explain their absence for the day and their injuries. At a tea shop, the cashier distracts Vasili and puts the diamonds Stan requested in Vasili's bag of tea. (♫ Frédéric Chopin - Waltzes: No. 12 in F Minor, Op 70 No. 2 ♫) The cashier calls Stan to report. Stan then phones the embassy numerous times, asking for Vasili and then hanging up. Nina visits Vasili in his bedroom. Arriving home, the Jennings get the kids to bed. Intending to visit Martha, Philip asks Elizabeth for some jewelry to give her. Elizabeth gives him a necklace that was an important present from Philip.

S01E06-Nina photos
You can do it, Nina.
Elizabeth meets with Gregory, and asks him to put a watch on her children, and also Philip. Gregory wants more from her, but she leaves abruptly. Having searched the embassy for clues of the mole, Arkady asks Vasili's permission to search his office. The diamonds are found in his tea and a search of Vasili's bedroom reveals the spy camera hidden inside a radio. Nina watches Vasili being escorted from the embassy. Gaad calls Stan at home to report that Vasili was sent home without notifying the State Department. Relieved that Nina is safe, Stan opens up a bit to Sandra. "Clark" gives Martha the necklace and returning home, Philip won't accept Elizabeth's apology. Leaving to sleep in another room, he uses her words of betrayal against her.

S01E06-Vasili removal
I've been set up.


  • As Paige first starts hitch-hiking with Henry, a Cozymel's Mexican Grill is visible behind her. Cozymel's wasn't created until the late 1990s and doesn't have any locations in Virginia, Maryland, or DC.
  • "Previously on The Americans" voice: Frank Gaad.


Song Title Performer(s)
Waltzes: No. 12 in F Minor, Op 70 No. 2 Frédéric Chopin


The Americans 1x06 Promo Trust Me (HD)

The Americans 1x06 Promo Trust Me (HD)

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