Yousaf is the tenth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-third episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

A new mission with international stakes has Philip calling on Annelise for assistance just as an old foe returns to D.C. with a vendetta. Stan makes a discovery that could put the FBI hot on the trail of illegals.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with a still distraught-looking Phillip sitting contemplatively at the kitchen table in the middle of the night. Elizabeth enters and he apologizes for waking her. Phillip expresses a desire to apologize to Paige, but Elizabeth tells him not to.

Andrew Larrick has returned to the US. Posing as a police officer with a fake warrant, he convinces a phone company employee to trace a phone number to a junction box, and begins following the physical phone cable. It ultimately leads him to the KGB’s basement call center, where he kills George. Larrick is then able to repair the partially destroyed switchboard sufficiently enough to locate Kate’s number.

Kate meets with the Jennings and tells them they have a new mission: a Pakistani delegation is arriving in Washington, and some are members of the Inter-Services Intelligence Covert Action Division. Elizabeth is tasked with approaching the second-in-command, Yousaf Rana. She makes contact in the hotel lobby, but when she returns to the travel agency, Phillip tries to convince her that Annelise should be given the job instead. Phillip’s motivation for this appears similar to when he tried to talk her out of approaching Brad Mullin. Elizabeth points out that Annelise has no experience doing this sort of thing, and tells Phillip “I can do my job.” He responds: “I know you can. But this time, you don’t have to.”

Arkady approaches Gaad outside his home. Both acknowledge Gaad’s reinstatement and speak of Vlad and Chris Amador. Back in his old office, Gaad unpacks and puts the bugged pen into a drawer. He finds Stan still trying to make a connection between the meeting in Alexandria and the Connors’ murders. Looking over the evidence, Gaad asks Stan if he ever takes his briefcase with him on vacation. He then examines the Connors’ case more closely and discovers a hidden panel. “This is an intelligence service,” Gaad says. “Drug dealers and smugglers don’t do it like this.”

Scott/Phillip meets with Annelise in a restaurant. Telling her "Swedish Intelligence needs you," he convinces her to finagle an invitation for herself and her husband to a dinner at the home of the new head of the National Security Council. He shows her a picture of Yousaf and says “I would like you to talk to this man.”

A cautious and still hurting Paige approaches Phillip as he unpacks groceries. Saying she wants to go to a church youth camp all summer, she hands him a brochure. Phillip appears receptive, but later when he tries to discuss the camp with Elizabeth, she is unwilling to consider it and angrily cuts him off.

Phillip and Annelise meet again; she tells him she was able to spend most of the evening talking to Yousaf. In doing so, she determined Yousaf’s boss, Javid Pervez, keeps him largely in the dark about their operations. Upon learning this, Phillip then tells Kate he wants to shut down the mission; they’re wasting their time with Yousaf since he doesn’t know anything. Kate is surprised to learn that Annelise – and not Elizabeth - is working him, and says “That doesn’t seem like the best way.” They argue, resolving nothing. Later, the Jennings receive a signal from The Center to assassinate Javid, believing Yousaf will then step into his job.

Elsewhere, Oleg and Nina share a bed and she asks him if he was ever a Young Pioneer. Oleg replies he wanted to be, but his wealthy family spent summers in Crimea, preventing him from attending summer camp. Nina shares that she fondly remembers her little red Lenin pin: “I was so proud of it.” She says that her family had no luxuries, but that she misses those simpler times: “Here, my life is so … tangled.” Oleg replies “Don’t you mean your job?” 

Annelise proudly tells Phillip she has arranged to have dinner in Yousaf’s hotel room the following night. Phillip is worried, saying “I’m not sure you’re really ready for this.” While emptying household trash, Elizabeth discovers evidence Paige has been practicing forging her signature. Later when they argue, Paige says she didn’t turn in the (forged) summer camp application. Elizabeth replies that she knows, because she’s called Pastor Tim, and also told him Paige will not be allowed to go to camp. Paige is dismayed.

Stan interviews Jared, telling him “If I can find out some of your parents’ secrets, maybe I can find out who [[[List of deaths on the Americans|killed them]]].” Jared reluctantly agrees. Stan shows him the artist’s rendering of the Jennings (made from Viola Johnson and Richard Patterson’s descriptions) and asks if he has ever seen either person.

Having previously swallowed the antidote, Elizabeth approaches Javid as he swims laps, and kills him with a poison gas “pen.” Meanwhile, Annelise has dinner and sex with Yousaf, as Phillip uses a device to listen through the wall of the room next door. After they finish, an enraged Annelise barges into Phillip’s room, screaming and shattering glasses, accusing him of being a pimp who's turned her out. Phillip manages to subdue her somewhat, before saying “You don’t think it kills me to watch the woman I love sacrifice herself like that: give herself to another man, even if it is for a cause bigger than both of us? It is not something I take lightly – ever.” Although he’s speaking to Annelise, it’s clear he is actually describing how he feels about Elizabeth.

The episode ends where it started – in the kitchen. Elizabeth smokes a cigarette and Phillip arrives home. “Javid?” he asks. She nods. “What about Annelise?” Phillip shakes his head yes. He then tells her “They’ll smell it.” When Elizabeth looks unconcerned, Phillip gets a plate for her to use as an ashtray.

Notes Edit

  • “Leggo my Eggo” (ie. “Let go of my Eggo waffle”) was an expression originating from an advertising campaign for Eggo brand waffles. In each commercial, Character A would attempt to steal Character B's waffle, causing Character B to yell out "Leggo my Eggo," to express disdain at Character A's lack of respect and rude actions.
  • Henry protests that "April Fool's [Day] is in a week, Dad," dating the episode around March 25, 1982.


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It Must Be Done Pete Townsend & Nathan Barr


The Americans 2x10 Promo HD 'Yousaf'

The Americans 2x10 Promo HD 'Yousaf'

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